Ovulation induction & Cycle Monitoring

Whether you choose intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, or freezing eggs, they all require fertility drugs to help follicular development. The selection of medications for ovulation induction includes oral clomiphene citrate, second class drugs, and injections of FSH or r-FSH. Ordinary fertility drugs help stimulate ovulation and increase egg production but they can induce endometrial thinning. Although second line fertility drugs do not boost as much egg production, they don’t cause endometrial thinning. Fertility injections help produce a greater number of eggs and they are usually selected over oral pills for in vitro fertilization because they are more potent. Each woman’s age and physical condition is different so careful analysis and choice of fertility drug must be made by the doctor. The overall goal of follicle stimulation is to help the patient become pregnant with minimal adverse effects to her health.