For 35 years, Jong Medical Clinic has been committed to providing care for women going through childbirth in Taiwan. But these past 10 years, birth rate has declined as an increasing amount of women have infertility problems due to advanced age, fallopian tube abnormalities, ovulation problems or abnormal sperm production. Hence, we realized the importance of helping women become pregnant in today’s society. Together with Dr. James Chung’s 35 years of community experience and Dr. Jimmy Chung’s specialized fertility training from National Taiwan University Hospital and Tzu Chi Hospital, we have established Yong He’s first fertility center and international in vitro fertilization lab.

Our Mission:

1. Help every woman achieve her desire of having a child
2.We understand that not every woman has the time to go to a hospital so we would like to provide medical center’s quality service at community convenience
3. Lastly, we have a complete infertility workup available, including blood test, hysteroscopy, and abdominal laparoscopy

Our facility Complete Medical Center quality laboratory, including:

Class 10000 sterile environment

High quality microscope, stereo microscope, and inverted microscope

High performance six axis mechanical micromanipulator

High resolution ultrasound for 3D interpretation and follicular volume calculation

Wide angle high resolution fixed axis vaginal ultrasonic probe

Thermostatic multi-gas incubator for culturing

Computerized laser set for IVF embryo

Class 10000 sterile egg retrieval operation room

Recovery Room

Semen Collection Room

Comfortable Waiting Room

Professional Consultation Room

Clinic & Lab

[Doctor, we would really like to have a child, but no matter how hard we try, we can’t get pregnant.] Infertility is not a disease, and most people find it hard to seek help in today’s culture, but with the aid of today’s medical advances, couples have a chance to become parents. Jong Medical Clinic, having served women for over 35 years, will now open Star International Fertility Center to provide even better high quality medical assistance. We use the latest medical equipments, offer numerous infertility tests and workup, and have a fertility specialist doctor and professional medical staff.