Successful Case

Eggs donated.from Ms. Hung

2017-11-22 10:31:45

The future to give birth to a few children, what name also think good, sometimes in the shopping to see clothes will help "the future of him" buy, although do not know is a male or female, but I always feel sure will soon be pregnant, also will certainly put both sexes are pregnant. But days go by, the belly Day no news, no slightest uplift, my heart's expectations have disappeared, more and more no self-confidence.

after three years of marriage, my husband has to travel for a long time because of her work, one months will only accompany me . 5 days, the chance of being pregnant seems to be getting further and farther from me. In-laws to me everything is very good, just often see them holding small uncle's child, mouth shouting: "Help Aunt Refueling Oh!" At the same time, looking at my belly at the edge of the eye, the thought here, I am more and more pressure. No husband to accompany in the side, do not want to disturb the cause of his busy outside, I have no one can share for me, every night I can only go to bed early, lest more think more.

In the morning, afternoon visits to the major famous doctors, evening exercise is my daily schedule, so unknowingly over the 6 year, I can only hide in the toilet during pregnancy, squatting on the toilet and crying.

Seek child 7 years, physical and mental exhaustion I gave up, we want to "adopt" will be a final road, one day to browse the Web page a word in front of my husband, I have to discuss after the decision to accept "borrow eggs." After implantation day morning, I picked up the phone to call the husband, I vaguely remember the phone that the head constantly heard the cries, now very want to hold her husband, because I finally pregnant!

My husband and I now have a pair of lovely twins, recall the first lucky I have stepped into this door, otherwise I do not know I have to again injustice a few years, injustice how much money.

I know that the first time I borrowed eggs and implanted two blastocyst into twins, I had little luck, but I was convinced that if I followed the doctor's instructions, I'd relax and give it to myself . $number The confidence of, you certainly can also.

2017.10.15 40y Ms. Hung