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Infertility.from Ms. Lin

2018-08-30 15:26:16

Jiangmu duck

This is not a pot of soup for me. But my baby is finally here.

My husband surnamed Jiang, I thought about this nickname after we were ready to start pregnancy after the anniversary of marriage.

In the fifth year of marriage this year, our Jiangmu duck is finally served.

After the second year of marriage, I will be pregnant with a mentality that will naturally become pregnant. As a result, my friends and relatives will be pregnant one after another. The pressure in my heart will grow older. My father-in-law is very good. I said in front of me, but I know that we should have a baby. If someone says that the doctor is going to see it, what god is going to worship, but there is still no

One day, after riding a bicycle to see the signs of the pregnancy, I want to say that there is a test tube and labor. If it is convenient to do it, go home and discuss with my husband, I decided to proceed here, last year 11 I did artificial pregnancy first. I know that the chance of artificial conception is not high, but I still want to try it first. Well, the first artificial pregnancy has not been successful. In fact, before going to the blood test, I have a vague idea that I should not have it, but the answer After coming out, I was a little lost. I went back to the hospital with my doctor every few days to discuss whether I should continue to do the manual or change to a test tube. The doctor suggested that we do the test tube. So, in May of this year, the test tube treatment was started. I can say that I am quite suffering, because there are some things in the family, so I didn’t implant until July. It’s been a long time since I was implanted in the two weeks of the lottery. It’s hard to be a few hours after the blood is collected. I finally got a notice, my Jiangmu duck finally came, and I heard a very clear heartbeat today, I feel like it’s worth it.

Thank you, Doctor Zhong.

Thank you, the pregnant medical team

2018.8.30 35y Ms. Lin