Successful Case

Eggs donated.from Ms. リコ

2018-07-18 17:17:45

I have never been pregnant with my husband in Japan for five years. At the age of 40, I began to worry about the aging of the egg. I have seen all the doctors in Tokyo. I also went to Kansai and Fukuoka... I have about 20 hospital.

In order to cooperate with the treatment work, I have to take time off, and I was complained privately by my supervisor. I dare not say that I went to see a doctor for pregnancy before I took time off. Finally, I resigned after two years of work. I want to concentrate on getting pregnant soon.

I remember that after the New Year in 2017, my husband and I went to Fukuoka to visit a famous doctor. After the examination, the doctor told me that "the quality of the eggs is not good. I suggest that you may be able to borrow eggs and the chances of success are greater." I am not surprised at all. In my experience of taking eggs more than 30 times and failing in treatment, I have known in my heart that my eggs are long gone!

I know that it is almost impossible to borrow eggs in Japan. In addition, there are no sisters in my family. In the chat with the doctor, I saw a bright blue business card at the table. I was curious and looked at the past. After the inquiry, I found out that it is a famous hospital in Taiwan. It is excellent from prenatal to postnatal care. If I need it, I can go home and contact this reproductive medicine center.

On the way back to Tokyo, I asked by e-mail whether they had a treatment for omitting eggs, and provided the blood type and requirements of my husband and I. On the next day, I received a reply, and the reply was: "According to your blood type and needs. The egg supply does not need to wait in line. The treatment needs to be three times in total (one to two days for each stay), and the gentleman only needs to come once; just prepare the documents."

After half a month of correspondence, I feel that there are Japanese employees who can communicate with me. This makes me feel at ease, and the treatment only needs to go three times. I booked a ticket and my husband went to Taipei and chose the egg that suits me on the day. I returned to Japan the next morning. It took a month and a half before and after the initial review to the subsequent cultivation of the blastocyst. They were very rigorous at each step, and they took the initiative to report the progress with me, which made me feel at ease in Japan.

On the day of 5/1, I implanted two blastocysts. On the 5/15 day, I was pregnant in a Japanese home. When the pregnancy test bars showed two lines, I couldn't believe my eyes, so I ran again. Check blood again at a nearby hospital! I still remember that the doctor clasped my hand at that time and said, "Congratulations are going to be a mother!" My tears squat down like a waterfall, my heart is full of miscellaneous, very happy, very grateful, incredible, very nervous!

Thank you for your help, the kind girl who donated eggs, the husband who worked hard, and the star team in Taiwan.

Thanks to your care during this time, I succeeded in giving birth to my child! Thank you!

2018.7.17 40y リコ