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Polycystic ovary.from Ms. Shen

2018-01-22 05:09:20


contact with your husband Ten year, getting married 3 year. No contraception 2 Belly has been no movement during the year.

My husband and I met at the university community, close to have a relationship Ten years, because each other wants to live a life that does not want to worry about money, years ago very serious in their own career, my husband and I feel that the deposit and their own business to reach a certain stage before we can discuss the marriage, At The age of, we were married.

The year before we reached a consensus, we had a 2 Human world has always been in contraception. the first 2 the beginning of the year without contraception to say that I am still young should have the news soon, but the time passed by the 2 year always no news, one day with husband talk about whether should go to check, Originally worried husband will resist, good risk he said to check to see also no visit, then the Internet query Yonghe near there is no place to check.

Remember when we booked a star pregnancy, simple to do a basic check blood ultrasound, the husband is doing semen inspection, check out I have a lot of the situation. But I have no idea about infertility, and I don't know what will happen to the polycystic. Why does it cause infertility?

Zhongji one by one explained that the ovaries out of a number of bubble-like vesicles, but can not mature ovulation, there is not necessarily a period of ovulation will cause infertility. I did not know how to go from life to improve, also do not know how to treat, Zhongji to give us a lot of advice, said can be from the adjustment of life and rest to eat oral contraceptives improved. And tell me in the process of pregnancy will be more than others, but fortunately the overall pregnancy rate is higher than the average female. But the abortion rate is also higher than the average person. So my husband and I both feel that long pain is not as short as pain, directly to do test-tube baby well.

The course of the course, the care staff gentle and thoughtful guidance, Weishing also clear, plus I am in Line There are almost problems they will be very professional to answer me, let me feel at a loss of heart and a lot of peace of mind. Follow the instructions and go to the implant for a pregnancy test. The day of the lottery to show very light and light two lines, put the minutes only gradually became apparent, then to the hospital blood test doctor told me the moment of pregnancy still find it hard to believe. ( because you can't believe that you've been successful for the first time.)

the idea of a may have been that the implant had no idea at all, and the pregnancy test was a reminder to me. This time, I would like to thank Dr. Zhongji's team for giving me no sense of nervousness as I see the common cold every time. Because I really put all my all to the star pregnancy, and follow the instructions to proceed, Zhongji not think it is his own credit but that I was young originally opportunity, now really few physicians so humble. The baby also grows day by day in my belly, soon my husband's two people world will become the 3 Person's small family, except thanks or thanks.

2018.1.20 40y Ms. Shen