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Infertility.from Ms. Zhang's

2017-12-28 04:29:46


Sticking needles in your belly every day, every two days of ultrasound tracking, surgery after the corpus luteum supplements, such a process even if very hard, but also hope that after one months of treatment can hear good results, hoping to meet the arrival of new life, I think this is the biggest wish for parents!

married more than three years, did a lot of efforts, from the beginning of the positive to later disheartened, but still do not want to give up any opportunities, but always dare not to face the infertility clinic, because I fear to see everyone strange eyes, but see around friends often share the sweet time of the photos, Children's innocent words and smiles, let me feel ~~ just make a valiant effort!

Thank you very much, Dr. Zhongji's medical profession, and thank his team everyone for my concern and encouragement, let me in this process can be very relaxed mood, relative to the course of treatment also has a lot of bonus points. Although the number of eggs I took out is not very large, the embryo trainer is working very hard to help me develop the best embryos and give me more chances and hope.

I've been thinking lately, do kids in the sky think we're not qualified to be parents? ? or are they never going to find a way to come back to me? ? The answer must be the latter, because I was brave, so the belly of two new life will be with me brave and healthy grow up. Now we look forward to planning the ... we will have a warm and joyful family together.

2017.12.23 36y Ms. Zhang