Successful Case

Egg donation.I got legal nutrition gold I also helped a pair of infertile couple

2017-12-20 05:51:05


A lot of people think it's shameful to do it, but I don't think it will.

Why are you doing this? Not afraid to meet your child on the road in the future? Not afraid of the future can not have children? Not afraid of early menopause?
All sorts of questions and false rumors are rife on the web.
I do not want to ignore these unfounded questions, for those who say these things have not been confirmed.

my mom To years old when married, after marriage 5 year has not been born, then very conservative and not understanding of IVF technology, my mother is helpless, but also can only cooperate with the doctor, finally successfully put me, my mother is really great.
Because of this, I know how helpless parents who want to have children. "Egg donation" is not humiliating, helping infertile couples to regain their happiness in life, than to help the old woman crossing the road is also great.

Someone said: "You are selling, not donating." 」
Me years old, is a single mother, indeed because of the financial constraints of the relationship I think the donation can help to ask the son of the husband and wife complete family, but also get rich nutrition gold why not! Not to mention that egg donation is not stealing and kidnapping.

I was notified when I finished filling out the data on the internet to the Star Fertility Medical Center.
Treatment spent Day, the injection is only reported to the 3 days, the body is not serious, and other false rumors and worry is redundant.

I finally got enough to get the kids to read the nutrition money in the country, and I'm glad to help the couples.