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Uterine fibroids.from Mr. Lee

2017-11-28 03:27:58
if someone says age is a woman's level, I think , is my wife's last level.

After fertilization, go through PGS detection detects that only one embryo can be implanted and we don't complain.

I took my wife off to take the uterine fibroids off, made a uterus mirror, did the embryo simulation implant .

For three months, the clock was implanted. The doctor used ultrasound guidance to implant the only embryo.

Such an egg, an embryo, the birth of a life.

Because of your arrival, your mother's face was drowned by the wet shoulder.

I hugged your mother's shoulder and said: "Wife hard you."

Except thanks or thanks! Dr. Cheixeijong, thank you very much.

2017.11.28 40y Mr. Lee