Successful Case

Elderly maternal.from Mr. and Ms. Lee

2017-11-22 10:35:06

She was very happy to call me, shouted to me: a small apple success! The first time I thank Dr. Chung and Jesus, I shed tears on the phone that can not help but start to imagine the sweet three-person world.

Ask a doctor in Taiwan to ask again, a try again, memories of infertility clinic is 10 years ago, life is only an injection and disappointment made, and then try to muster the courage to re-accept the new course of treatment. However, I was afraid that my wife could not afford to overwork and decided to let go and give up, leaving only the little world that belongs to both of us.

Too much of a kid's sake, actively looking for any way to conceive a child, a clinic flashing eyes, we met Dr. Chung after the Internet search. Take the wife's eggs, and my sperm, after training we have selected the best blastocysts, into the stomach there is an unknown adventure waiting for a small apple, you can bed? Will there be a heartbeat? These problems circled in my mind for a few days.

I think the little apple must have been sent by Jesus to live in our lives. She planted a seedling in our life, which is of great significance to me and my wife. I am constantly growing in my mother's stomach, Grow up.

Childhood in the movie, often see children choose their own favorite parents reincarnation, I think the little apple must know that this home will be a home full of warmth and love, will not hesitate to climb over the mountains ascended the summit.

In these days, thanks to the care of Jesus and the encouragement and dedication of the dean and all of Zhong Jixian, the new life is coming. Now, with all my heart full of hope and full of joy, we will be moving toward the age of 39 Another stage of life, learn to be a good father, a good mother.

Note: wife love to eat apples during pregnancy, so the couple we decided the child's name is a small apple

2017.10.11 41y Mr. and Ms. Lee