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"Ovarian inventories," a large revelation so mysterious index AMH tell you

2017-11-22 05:30:49


people who want to know about infertility often hear AMH the word, but AMH What is it? Many people have this question mark,and theAMH has become an increasing number of gold reference values used by infertility experts in recent years, and is this a value that can be evaluated as an infertility patient? What does the value display signify? Now let's talk a little bit about the role of AMH in infertility treatment.

What is AMH?

AMH (Anti-mullerian hormone)
the is the so-called serum berated hormone, an ovarian inventory pointer that can be used to assess ovarian function, which is secreted by granular cells in the ovarian follicle and never matured in primary follicles (primary follicles) the can find its existence inside. The secretion of AMH reaches the highest level in the bubble (preantral follicles) in front of the cavity , at which point the size of the filter is about the diameter 4mm around, as the follicles continue to grow up AMH slowly reduce secretion, to filter the diameter of more than the 8mm after the total will not have no AMH the secretion of the. This value is not high or low, so the whole menstrual cycle is fairly stable, that is, patients at any time to draw blood, detected values will not be too much, is a very convenient to detect the hormones.

AMH what does infertility have to do with it??

since there are no mature large follicles AMH , so we can know the measurement AMH The is primarily to see how many immature follicles are in the ovaries, in other words, to see how many eggs or follicles exist after the follicle that is being prepared for ovulation is deducted. In general, all eggs are grown during the embryonic period, and a woman is born with all the eggs she has been able to discharge in her lifetime, and there is no chance of any new eggs. The eggs are consumed every month during puberty, and when the eggs are fully drained, the number of AMH is only going to get lower with age. The concentration of the AMH in the serum can therefore directly reflect the amount of egg remaining in the ovary, or the amount of ovarian inventory.

This number is too high and too low is not a good thing, when women become older and older, their follicles or eggs will be less and fewer, we measured the serum AMH the concentration of the is also getting lower, reflecting that they may be near the stop. Conversely, some of the polycystic ovarian patients with poor ovulation, the measured serum AMH value will be relatively high, reflecting the ovaries there are many not smooth out of the immature follicular existence, resulting in ovulation is not smooth.

when doing test-tube babies AMH relationship to pregnancy rate

have high serum AMH the concentration of women in the reaction to ovulation drugs will be better, will also obtain more eggs, more eggs in general will bring a higher rate of pregnancy. But measuring the AMH alone does not assess the quality of the eggs, but the more eggs increase the chances of getting a quality embryo. According to many studies in recent years, high AMH concentrations of patients are more likely to obtain more eggs, have a higher rate of pregnancy, there is a higher chance to freeze the remaining embryos. However, a low AMH concentration of women under the year does not represent low IVF success rates because fewer eggs do not represent lower quality, and these patients It is still possible to achieve a pregnancy rate that is consistent with its age.

AMH normal value of concentration?

the concentration of the decreases with age. Generally speaking, we think of women at normal childbearing age AMH about 3 to 5ng/ml, less than 2 even if it is a lower value, the value is less than 1.4 the probability of being able to do IVF is greatly increased and the value is less than. 0.5 even if it is very low, this tendency is not far from menopause.

Although AMH the has a certain correlation with age, but sometimes it may be due to family genetics, congenital factors, or radiation or chemical treatment, resulting in premature ovarian decay, resulting in an early decline in the number of eggs, AMH The concentration is reduced. Therefore, in order to understand how much fertility potential a woman has,AMH is often one of the first items to check, and if the AMH shows a lower value after checking, Still will suggest to grasp opportunity and opportunity, good treatment, is the success of early pregnancy is the key, if there is no pregnant women are expected, you can also consider the first frozen eggs, for the future life ahead of planning yo!